Gas Water Heating

Gas Water Heating

Gas water heating is the best way to heat your water for several reasons. You will always have hot water, plus it starts coming out of the taps fast. It is also cheaper than electricity, which is incredibly important given that heating water accounts for such a large part of our energy bills.

Griffiths Plumbing and Gas is you gas water heating specialists. We have been installing gas water heating in Auckland homes for decades, helping our customers realise the benefits of gas. All our gas fitters are registered and experienced, plus we offer the best possible levels of customer service. Both continuous flow units and hot water cylinders are available.

Continuous Flow Units

With a continuous flow unit you only heat the water that you use. This makes them one of the most economical options available as you are not wasting money heating up water that is kept in storage, but then never actually used. We supply a range of different units from leading manufacturers.

Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water cylinders also come in a range of different makes and model, including those that are highly economical. They remain a popular option for many households, not least because many of the models that are available do not need electricity to run. This means that even when the power is out, you will still have hot water.

Which Is Best For You?

Give us a call today so that we can find out about your needs. We can talk you through your options to help you decide on which method of gas water heating is best for you.

Service And Repair

We also offer gas water heating servicing to keep your system in good working order, plus we carry out repairs if you have a problem. We service and repair all types of system including:

  • Mains pressure
  • Low pressure
  • Gas water heating
  • Solar cylinders
  • Wetback cylinders
  • Heat pumps
  • LPG


To get a quote or to find out more information you should give us a call today. Call 09 376 1635.