High Water Bill?

What You Should Do When You Have A High Water Bill
Was your last water bill higher than expected? If so the problem could be a leak, and is likely to continue affecting your water usage until it is fixed. Before investigating a water leak however, you should consider if another reason could be the cause, such as having more people than usual staying over, or using your water more than you normally do. This could be anything from doing more washing than normal or using the dishwasher more frequently, to leaving the sprinklers on outside or filling up the swimming pool. If none of these things are applicable, a leak is the most likely cause and will need investigated.

What You Should Check

  • Dripping taps
  • Behind your appliances
  • Damp patches in the garden, pathways or driveway
  • Overflowing or constantly running toilet cisterns

Get The Leak Repaired
If you suspect you have a leak you should call Griffiths Plumbing and Gas to get it repaired. Even if you think it is a small leak, you may be surprised at how much water you might be wasting. Something as simple as a dripping get can waste over 30 litres of water a day! Our expert plumbers operate throughout Auckland and will locate and repair your leak as quickly as possible.

Don’t put up with a high water bill any longer – get your leaks repaired straightaway.
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