Leak Detection

Leak Detection In Auckland

When water leaks it costs you money. When this happens in a location that is visible you can get it fixed quickly, but what happens when the leak is not visible? What happens when the leak is underground? If you suspect you have a leak you should call Griffiths Plumbing and Gas immediately. This might happen if you notice that your water bills have increased without explanation, or you see a wet patch on your lawn. When these things happen identifying your leak and repairing it quickly is essential.

We don’t find leaks by digging up your garden. That is inefficient and usually ineffective. Instead we use the latest technology and equipment to listen underground. Our technicians are highly skilled at using this acoustic technology to accurately pinpoint your leak. We don’t just identify the leak though – once we find it, we’ll repair it too.

Leak Detection And Repair Services

  • Identify leaks underground, under floors, and behind walls without digging up or damaging your property
  • We identify leaks using state-of-the-art acoustic equipment
  • This equipment allows us to trace your pipes and pinpoint the leak
  • We then carryout speedy and effective repairs


Leaks Cost Money – Stop Them Today

If you suspect you have a leak you should contact us today. We will be able to give you advice on the next steps you should take. We can provide a quote for our leak detection services, and can dispatch a qualified leak detection technician to your property quickly. We have a solid reputation locally for efficiently and effectively finding and repairing underground leaks, and we can deliver the same service to you.

Stop your leaks today – call us now on 09 376 1635.