Low Pressure

Low Pressure System Maintenance And Installation
Griffiths Plumbing and Gas can keep your low pressure hot water system running as efficiently as possible. Whether you have a valve vented system, and open vented system, or a gravity fed system, we can fix anything that is going wrong and ensure it stays in top working condition. This will eliminate water wastage and ensure you have the highest levels of water pressure possible. Our plumbers are experienced and professional, and we operate throughout the Auckland area. We will respond quickly to your request, and carry the right equipment as well as a range of spares in our vans.

Services You Can Get

  • Replace your low pressure hot water cylinder
  • Low pressure hot water cylinder maintenance and repair
  • Valve maintenance and repair
  • Roof overflow leaks and more

Upgrades And Installations
Of the three low pressure hot water systems that are currently in use, the valve vented system is the one that delivers the strongest hot water pressure to your shower and other taps in your home. If you currently have a gravity fed or open vented system you should call us to discuss your options for upgrading. It is probably more cost effective than you think.

To get a low pressure hot water system plumber today, or to upgrade your system, please call us on 0800 WE PLUMB.