Water Tanks & Filtration – AV Filters, RainWater Harvesting Systems

Water Tanks, UV Water Filtration, And Rainwater Harvesting

Most homes and businesses in Auckland get 100 percent of their water from the mains network. You can become more water independent by installing a water tank, UV water filtration system, and/or a rainwater harvesting solution.

There are three main benefits to capturing, storing, and using your own water. Firstly, you can save money as you will not have to use as much expensive mains water for things like irrigation or toilet flushing. Secondly, you will be doing your bit for the environment by helping to preserve one of our most precious natural resources. Thirdly, you will have access to water if there is a problem with the mains supply, making you more water independent.

Our Services

  • Water tanks – supply and installation. We have a range of water tank sizes available.
  • UV water filtration – remove contaminants from your captured water to make it safe for drinking. We have a number of options available depending on your needs and whether you want internal or external installation. We also have UV filtration systems suitable for commercial applications, spas, and pools.
  • Rainwater harvesting – capture rainwater in your home to supplement your supply from the mains network. This water can be used for drinking (when appropriate filtration systems are installed) or for non-drinking uses.


Your Local Experts

We have extensive experience installing water storage and filtration systems in both residential and commercial properties. Give us a call today to find out more about your options and the benefits to your home or business.

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